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“Pain. A shooting pain like I’ve never felt before.” I sit and explain to her. “ That’s the most memorable thing about it…” I pause for a second to spark up my cigarette. “ That melting pain that courses through your chest as tiny strands in your heart rip and tear, every memory burning, every thought fading.” Biting my lip and looking at the ground I sigh. “ The world around me froze, and I crumpled... My body gave way and my mind gave up.” I smile slightly at myself as i say “ I don’t even remember hitting the floor.” Laughing a little i carry on. “ But, there i was. Laying on my side on the bathroom floor, my chest squeezing tightly down on my body, my mind burning so hot, it feels like it’s about to instantly combust.” She goes to say something but I hold up my hand. “ And then came the void.” I take a drag on my cigarette and put it in the ashtray. ”The everlasti
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A husband, A father, A friend.
Flames lick at the houses in the street around me, small craters where explosives and magic have been released dott themselves around the floor. The sound of lightning and small caliber bullets bouncing off the top of my cover makes me flinch a little. “ You’re not getting scared now are you?” Silver laughs as he reloads his gun. “Me? Don’t be stupid, I’m surprised you’re not scared. “ I jest with him, as i peek my head around the corner. Instantly pulling back i feel the breeze of a bullet speed past my face. “Holy shit! I nearly lost my nose with that one!” I laugh and he joins in. “Ready yet?” Jesus you take forever” I continue to joke.
“Yeah, yeah I’m ready. Let's do this!” He says as we both jump up firing out pistols at our opponents, laughing as we dart to the next cover, weaving in and out of each other. Our pattern perfectly coordinated, our own dance of death. As his gun goes click
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A Ninja's Daily Life.-Part 2-
I leap up and as i'm jumping threw the window of Tom's home I'm screaming " GET UP! WE HAVE OUR FIRST MISSION!" Landing on him he wakes up shouting  "You bloody idiot you could of killed me!" Grabbing him by the collar and shaking him wildly i scream at him " WE'VE GOT A MISSION GET UP GET DRESSED BE AT THE FOREST IN 10 MINUTES!", After that i jump back out the hole i created in his home window, runing off to Richards house.
Opening the Door quietly I sneak into the house looking around. Waiting. A noise behind me! Instinctivly I duck as Richard fly's over my head and collides with his bedpost. "MISSION! GET READY 10 MINUTES! FOREST!" I make quick work of the message to richard and run out the door, sprinting to Taylor-chan's house.
As i reach the house i compose myself, and knock on the door quietly. "Taylor-chan?" I whisper, opening the door slightly peeking my head round the side. As i do an alarm clock flies at me and hits me square in the face. "What do you think your doing?!
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A Ninja's Daily Life.
The alarm goes off once again for another day to begin; I slam my hand down on the alarm, regretting I even moved. I moan as I get out of bed, and into my clothes, a bright white t-shirt, and some black trousers, that dangle just below my ankles, the cloth almost touching the floor, as I go over to the mirror, I shake my bright blonde hair.
I yawn as I stretch myself out, and  shuffle to the bathroom, as I start to clean my teeth, I notice on the calendar the date 19th January, as I'm brushing away, I try to remember what I've forgotten on the 19th. I finish brushing my teeth, and swish some water around my mouth, rubbing my eyes and splash some water on my face, drying off my face I grin at myself in the mirror. As the sun hits my eyes, it makes them sparkle an ocean blue. I head to the kitchen and turn on the kettle as I pass and head to the cupboard pulling out some Instant Ramen. I fill up the pot three quarters full, and take it with my outside, walking while waiting for it t
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Corner Of your Eye.
So! You wanted a story, and not just any story of course, you wanted a fantastic story. A story that will entice your mind, create disillusions of fantasy, and horror. (“aha…”) Horror, not one of my most used genre’s. But certainly my favourite. It’s the type where i can truly express my mind, it's in theses moments that i can delve into the darkness and show you where demons lurk, and hero’s fall.. You wanted a creepy story, well.. Ask and thou shalt receive.
Did you know, You have over 40,000 different nerve endings in your eye, each of these endings are working at unimaginable speeds to calculate and process thousands of pieces of information everyday. All this information gets pushed to the back of the mind. Catalogued and organized.  This is all well and good, if we could use it. (“aha...tick…”)Unfortunately our brains don’t recall all of this information, some of it is lost, and some of it just plain vanishes. Of co
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Mature content
The End Of The Dawn. :iconmr-s-gray:Mr-S-Gray 0 0
The Life Of An Immortal.
The life of an immortal, Such a brilliant ring.
But the life of an immortal, is such a saddening thing.
As Years pass, and centuries fly.
Time becomes irrelevant, with each passing night.
The body stays ageless, The mind grows old.
The heart becomes weak the eyes become cold.
In this everlasting dark, sanity flee’s.
There’s no light, No life, Only me.
Wars become silly, life becomes lie.
A 1000 years ago, Who was i?
Faces become muddles, Personalities switch.
Once i was the hero, Now i’m a kid.
Scared of the dark, Scared of the night.
Scared of what lies beyond this ‘life’
I grow old, The noise starts to burn.
The ticking in my head begins to hurt.
Relationships become impossible, No family or friends.
The world will shun you, until the very end.
I shall be here till the universe dies.
All through the years, just look at my eyes.
The eyes are the window to the soul.
But mine are where my demons hide, don’t you know?
And in the ending silence, i
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Goodbye My Friend.
“Why?! Why does it have to end like this?!” I cry as i hold my comrade in my arms, the life from his face slowly slipping into the darkness. “God dammit Silver, You have to be more careful!”  As i sit with him in my lap, I bite my tongue and try not to cry.  “Come on, you can pull through this!...”I say to him as i push my hands down on his wound to try and stop the bleeding. “It's you! You always pull through!!” I tell him, he laughs and shakes his head. “Not this time…” Looking down at his chest, he pokes a finger into the gaping slash wound in his chest. “I’m not gonna be able to stitch this one up i’m afraid…” Coughing and spluttering, i take off his chest peice of armour and loosen his neck brace. “You know what i wish i could have done?...” he strains to speak. “This sounds like a goodbye, Don’t you dare say goodbye!” I shout at him. He grins and
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Dwayne Silver Gray
United Kingdom
"What? What do you mean i have to write a Bio?"

Well f**k.

Hello there, my names Silver.
I'm 21 years old, I live in Liverpool.
I'm also slightly crazy or what people would call crazy.
I write, I draw, I build things sciency.

I hope you enjoy my work.

"There I've done your F***ing Bio. Now begone."


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