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Dwayne Silver Gray
United Kingdom
"What? What do you mean i have to write a Bio?"

Well f**k.

Hello there, my names Silver.
I'm 21 years old, I live in Liverpool.
I'm also slightly crazy or what people would call crazy.
I write, I draw, I build things sciency.

I hope you enjoy my work.

"There I've done your F***ing Bio. Now begone."


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“Pain. A shooting pain like I’ve never felt before.” I sit and explain to her. “ That’s the most memorable thing about it…” I pause for a second to spark up my cigarette. “ That melting pain that courses through your chest as tiny strands in your heart rip and tear, every memory burning, every thought fading.” Biting my lip and looking at the ground I sigh. “ The world around me froze, and I crumpled... My body gave way and my mind gave up.” I smile slightly at myself as i say “ I don’t even remember hitting the floor.” Laughing a little i carry on. “ But, there i was. Laying on my side on the bathroom floor, my chest squeezing tightly down on my body, my mind burning so hot, it feels like it’s about to instantly combust.” She goes to say something but I hold up my hand. “ And then came the void.” I take a drag on my cigarette and put it in the ashtray. ”The everlasting darkness... That sinister shroud that crept up on me and blanketed me in seconds.... I was lost.” I zone out for a second, staring into blank space as thoughts rush through my mind, almost visible through my eyes. Picking up my drink i hold it in remembrance of that hell.  “In that everlasting darkness, time had stopped… Everything had stopped.” Taking a sip of my drink I put it down on the table. “Even the once loud and boisterous demons that plagued my mind, became sullen and silent.” laughing slightly again, i continue. “ Even that damn piercing ticking from the clock that drove me insane for years of my life, had stopped.” I become silent, my mind falling further and further back into the siren song of the void. The sound of clashing drinks and the nords celebrating their latest raid. Turning back to the women I go on. “In that instant, In that moment of pure despair. I was hopeless. I was broken, I was destroyed. Even now, that feeling, that vacuum still exists.” Rolling my tongue across my teeth, I pick up my drink and finish it off. Standing up i put money on the table, paying for both our drinks. “ Thanks stranger, it’s been a blast, but things to do.” picking up my sword, I open the door to the deep night. The Moon shining in the sky, and the sound of dragon wings passing overhead. Taking a deep breath and closing my eyes, I head in the direction of Uvengard. “I will avenge you brother.”
Did a short piece/extract from one of the books i'm writing at the minute, tell me what you all think! 
Flames lick at the houses in the street around me, small craters where explosives and magic have been released dott themselves around the floor. The sound of lightning and small caliber bullets bouncing off the top of my cover makes me flinch a little. “ You’re not getting scared now are you?” Silver laughs as he reloads his gun. “Me? Don’t be stupid, I’m surprised you’re not scared. “ I jest with him, as i peek my head around the corner. Instantly pulling back i feel the breeze of a bullet speed past my face. “Holy shit! I nearly lost my nose with that one!” I laugh and he joins in. “Ready yet?” Jesus you take forever” I continue to joke.
“Yeah, yeah I’m ready. Let's do this!” He says as we both jump up firing out pistols at our opponents, laughing as we dart to the next cover, weaving in and out of each other. Our pattern perfectly coordinated, our own dance of death. As his gun goes click, I dart in front passing him a clip like a baton. Once I feel the clip leave my hand I proceed to release some cover fire, buying him time to reload. One after another, the enemy's pop their heads out and receive a bullet as a present. Within seconds the street is clear. “I got 6 of them.”
“7 bitch! Pay up!” Silver says happily, as i hand him the bet money. “Come on, Maybe you’ll win the next round!” He laughs as he walks in front of my a few steps turning around to face me he walks backwards. “ So what we doing once we’ve finished here? I wanna hit up the festival! It looks so much fun and we might as well while we’re in to-”
“SILVER WATCH OUT!” I shout as someone creeps up behind him.

Everything freezes. Silver’s body goes rigid for a second then a sword comes through his lower gut. “NO!” I scream, as i unleash rounds on the assassin. Three of them hit him in the chest while two hit him in the head, running up to silver I see him look down at the blade then up towards me. “Ha… Would you look at that….” His face turns white and his body collapses. Diving forward I manage to catch him before he hits the ground, pulling out the sword, i rip off a piece from my jacket and tie it around his waist to try and stop the bleeding, I start sitting on the floor and slowly lay him down on my lap. “Come on man, keep your eyes open!” I say panickedly to him. He coughs and splutters as i push down on the wound. “I’ve just gotta stop the bleeding and you’ll be fine! Come on man!” He laughs and pokes the wound with his fingers. “I don’t think that will work ol’ friend.”
“It’s got to work. It HAS to work.” He laughs slightly, coughing as he does.
“It’s fine man…. “
“No! You can’t leave me here, You’ve got to stay with me!”  Laughing some more he puts his hands to his mouth and coughs up more blood. “Oh shit, I almost forgot…. I found this….” he says as he pulls out a small necklace from his inside pocket. “This was my mothers. It’s sort of a family heirloom, can you make sure alexander gets this for me? “
“Give him it yourself man! Come on, don’t die on me here!” He laughs at the idea.
“His mother would kill me if she knew i was dying right now…” he laughs some more, audibly weaker than the last. His voice becoming slightly croaked. “Oh, also…” he reaches into his pocket and pulls out the bet money. “I guess this means you win by deafult? Gratz man, you finally beat me…”
“Please Silver….” i say as tears start to form in my eyes. He smiles at me gently. His eyes slowly fading.
“Don’t cry you big wuss…. Listen…. Before I go…”
“You’re not going anywhere, stop talking lik-”
“BEFORE i go….. I just want to tell you, You’re the best partner a guy could ever wish for. I couldn’t have asked for a better warrior by my side…” He holds up his hand and i take hold of it.
“Till we meet in the afterlife….” he whispers as i feel his body go limp.

My body freezes. My eyes start to burn and my throat swells up. My mind become completely numb. “Silver….” I say shaking his body slightly. “Silver…Come back man…Please….”

The sky becomes grey, and dark clouds start to hover. Streaks of crimson red pierce the sky and the rain starts to fall heavily towards the ground, washing away the dark brown blood around us and on us. I look up towards the sky and I roar. Screaming at the world as tears stream down my face and mix with the rain. Screaming at the universe for taking my lifetime friend. The sky cracks and thunders in reply, as even the god seem to weep at this loss to the world. Looking down at his lifeless corpse, already whiter than a sheet of paper. I bow my head and pay my respects. “Farewell my brother. May the afterlife treat you fair.” picking up his sword and taking the necklace, sheathe the sword and start an incantation. As i start to chant his body turns to gold, glowing in the raging fires around us. His body then shatters and splits in golden dust. Scattering in the wind, he becomes a fairy tale, A legend of courage and valour. A grand story of adventure.  

And this is the story I shall tell. The story of a father, a husband and a dear friend..
A husband, A father, A friend.
A short piece i wrote, not much to say about it other then enjoy ^^ 
I leap up and as i'm jumping threw the window of Tom's home I'm screaming " GET UP! WE HAVE OUR FIRST MISSION!" Landing on him he wakes up shouting  "You bloody idiot you could of killed me!" Grabbing him by the collar and shaking him wildly i scream at him " WE'VE GOT A MISSION GET UP GET DRESSED BE AT THE FOREST IN 10 MINUTES!", After that i jump back out the hole i created in his home window, runing off to Richards house.

Opening the Door quietly I sneak into the house looking around. Waiting. A noise behind me! Instinctivly I duck as Richard fly's over my head and collides with his bedpost. "MISSION! GET READY 10 MINUTES! FOREST!" I make quick work of the message to richard and run out the door, sprinting to Taylor-chan's house.

As i reach the house i compose myself, and knock on the door quietly. "Taylor-chan?" I whisper, opening the door slightly peeking my head round the side. As i do an alarm clock flies at me and hits me square in the face. "What do you think your doing?!  Almost passed out on the floor I reply " We have...a Mission... Meet at the forest....10 minutes..." Clambering to my feet i make my way towards Lewis-Kun's House But first i stop off at the shop on the way.

As i reach lewis's House i open the door and Shout "Lewis?"  Smiling i pull out a bar of chocolate. and Undo the wrapping. In a flash the bar is gone and lewis is standing there Nomming on the bar. he knows already what to do so i leave him be and run towards the forest waiting for everyone to arrive.

As i arrive at the forest i look around and take in the scenery. The rustling of the forest reaches my ears and calms me down. Relaxing me. As I'm waiting i pull out the scroll I got from the hokage and look at it, not opening it. Wondering what it could say. Arrive near the end of the 10 Minutes everyone arrives. All smiles and excitement. As we all check were all ready we set off into the forest and onto the land of earth. The winds blows gently against the tree's as me and the team have stopped for a rest. We've been running for a long time now. The tree's around us stand tall and mighty, as if they're watching over us. The sunset gently reflecting of the burnt orange leaves from the tree's creating a golden light down on us all. Me, Taylor and Tom have all a cigarette In our hands. The smoke spiraling upwards, and disappearing. Richard sat down shuffling a pack of cards, with the joker behind his headband. Then lewis sat against a tree, keeping an eye out for anything. We decide to rest for the night.So we set up a camp, And took turns in keep watch.

It was my watch and Tom Had just gone to sleep. Sat down listening intently for anything. For any kind of movement. My eyes snap for a second and i peer into the darkness at the noise, readying my kunia. I relax after a while and just shrug of the noise. a Few hours pass. Its Richard’s turn. I walk up to him and give him a small kick to wake him up, once that doesn't work, I kick him hard and his eyes snap open. Just before he shouts i interrupt him. " Do you really want to wake Taylor up ?..." He stops instantly and thinks for a second. Then reluctantly stands up and goes to sit watch.

By the time the sun hits where we were resting, we were already gone, moving on closer towards the land of earth. The group is silent. My mind wanders to think about what makes this message so important that it has to be done by a ninja. Tom-kun Stops and everyone else reacts instantly stopping themselves. a explosion is heard in the  distance, Followed by a small whistling sound. "BEHIND THE TREE'S!" Tom-kun Exclaims, and we all take cover behind a tree, as a hundred kunai rain past us, sticking into the trees. Our team jumps out from behind the tree's Ready for anything. In front of us stand stand two figures one dressed in full black, another in full white. “Who are these assholes?” questions richard.
“Us? Well, I’m Black and this is White. And we’re here for that scroll.”
“Over my deadbody…” Scowls richard.

Black is dressed in a fully white outfit. His eye are pure black and with a single sword on his back, Whereas white is the complete opposite. As his outfit is completely black and his has pure white eyes. And a scythe on his back. “Careful guys, I’ve heard of these two. Mercenarys for hire. 100% kill count. They are known for their ‘No mercy’ ways. Blood thirsty and with killer instincts. It has once been said that they wiped out an entire village.” Says Tom. As my team and i stare facing them. Not losing eye contacts. We wai to see what they're going to do next. As i blink i lose sight of them, I hear a whistling noise behind me, I turn I see a shuriken heading towards me.

It's too close to be able to dodge or block it.
I can't escape!

As the shuriken races towards me, my heart skips and I freeze up closing my eyes. The sound a metal clang hits my ears. and I open my eye's i see the shuriken pinned against the tree with a kunai, hanging off the kunia is a playing card. I turn to richard and smile then nod in his direction in a way of saying thanks. As i turn towards the guy in the black suit. a chill snakes its way down my spine.

"So how mnuch are you getting?" I question as i pace around him. Watching him carefully.
"It doesn’t matter, you wont be alive long enough to care.” He replies.
"Be careful, he's dangerous."Taylor says without taking her eyes of him.

I pull out my kunai, readying myself i prepare to dash towards him. When All of a sudden he goes stiff, then hits the floor. “WHITE!” Shouts black, as he turns his head towards his fallen companion, his neck jerks to the side and he slumps to the floor.

“Back to back guys…” I say as our team closes up our ranks. As we wait for any signs of movement. An Anbu operative appears in from of us.

His hand raises to his mask and he slowly takes of his mask, revealing his scarred face.
I stare at him in confusment. "You better not have come all this way to ask me to join ANBU again, Cause the answer will always be the same. But thank you for the help."
His cold Stone eyes peirce into mine, my arms covered in Goosebumps.
"You have it all wrong Dwayne. You seem to think that you have some sort of choice in this matter, I must inform you now... you don't" He says coldly."I'm here to 'convince' you to join ANBU and I'm not leaving until I have succeeded. You see, you are quite important in my plans and it is not acceptable for me to leave without accomplishing this task."
"Well, Then... I guess you better set up camp" Jokes Tom.
"I'm afraid your friends aren't needed, so they will be disposed of"
"Disposed off?" I Retort. "Try it..."

A flash of bright light Blinds me temporarily. As i open my eye's he is already on top of me, i have no time to react. and his fist connects with my gut, As i double over he brings his elbow down to the back of my head, making me collide hard with the floor. Dazing in and out of Consciousness. I see Richard, throw kunais towards him, he effortlessly catches them or dodges them. The ones he caught he sends them flying back towards richard, each one hitting him. As tom and lewis both use Fire Style: Dragon Flame on him, his hands turn a blur as he shouts out "Water style, Water Dome Jutsu" The flames hit the side of the dome and lick at the surface, but are blocked from comming anywhere near rhys.In that second his hands once again a blur " Water Style : Water Dragon Jutsu..." As he stops moving his hands, a Giant liquid dragon erupts out of nowhere, The dragon shimmering in the moonlight strikes down tom and Lewis making them collide with some tree's.

As he turns to Taylor, she readys herself, as he raises his hand and forms a Ram Hand sign, he says evilly " Hidden Mist Jutsu.." All of a sudden a deep mist covers the area. Turning the forest into a grey blur in seconds. The last thing i see clearly is his defiant grin. In the distance i hear a voice say " Death Mirage Jutsu" Then a Solid shout of "NO!" As i turn onto my stomach and start to push myself up, I place my hands together " Release..." Spitting out crimson red blood on the floor. As the Mist disappears i see everyone sprawled except Taylor, She is locked in battle with Rhys. Both of them Somehow covered in blood, Whose it is. I can't be sure off.  

I crack my knuckles and start forming hand signs, My whole body is aching from those few blows.I shuffle over to tom and lewis while Rhys and Taylor are fighting, The taste of metallic blood hangs in my mouth.. I force feed lewis and Tom a food pill. They swallow it painfully. They help me move richard out the way. I put a food pill in my mouth and swallow it. As i turn towards Taylor and Rhys, I become entranced by the power, they've both gotten stronger... Much stronger. There Chakra is soaring above that of a usual Ninja's. My mind flashes back to the ANBU exams. My Minds snaps back to reality when i hear a clang on colliding metal. My eyes adjust and i see that Taylor has drawn her katana, and rhys is using his scythe. Spark dance of the two blades carelessly. Rhys Pushes Taylors Blade back and jumps backwards creating water clones. Each one Shimmering into "Life". Each clone lines up and faces me, tom and lewis.

They run towards us, I pull out my kunai preparing to Defend myself, the clone Strikes me from above, and as i bring my kunai up to defend it brings its foot round, but i fall to the floor to dodge it, using the momentum from the fall, i push myself back up to my feet, As i just get up the clone is already near me, I spin round on my back heel, making it connect with the stomach, carving a chunk from it. The Hole repairs itself and the clone grins, I grunt and spit out some blood again. "Any help would be appreciated!" I shout over to tom and lewis, They both reply Simultaneously " WERE BUSY!" I sigh and lock eyes with the clone. If i'm gonna finish this i need to finish it quickly my chakra's disappearing. Gathering up the remains of my chakra, I turn and face my opponent, I put my hand in my weapons pouch and pull out some smoke bombs, throwing them at the floor of the clone, running into the smoke, I sweep kick it, then bringing my foot round to the side of its head, then while spinning i bring the back of my hand around to the side of its chest, carving another hole,after i pull out a tagged explosive kunai, and shove it inside of the water clone, jumping backwards the flames from the explosion lick my skin,burning my skin and hair slightly.

I Turn towards tom and lewis to see they've both succeeded in taking care of their clones. I nod in their direction and we run towards Rhys. Once again, Him and Taylor are clashing, i throw a threaded kunai just passed his shoulder, and pull on it once it passes a tree, so that it wraps around the tree. I then nod at Taylor, who front kicks him backwards into the wire. In that Instant i react and throw the other kunai wrapping the wire around him like A chain. Pinning him Against the tree. "Fire style: Phoenix Flower Jutsu!" I exclaim as i form the correct hand signs, and fire multiple Balls of flame towards him, At the moment tom and lewis throw explosive kunai at him, and Taylor throws here kantana. In a furious Ball of fire, he explodes.

As the smoke clears out.There's nothing there...Just a pool of water. My body aching and Bruised, I slowly shuffle over to my downed team member richard. "Taylor! Richard needs help!" I shout to Taylor. The sun slowly starts descend across the Battleground, Casting shadows up and apon the ground and trees surrounding the area. Taylor's hands glowed green as she traced richards wounds and tending to the major injuries.My back hits the trunk and i slide down the trunk and leans against it sat down. My head slumps down and i stare at the floor, thinking of what just happened. Thinking of all the visions i had. My face pale white from the fight, and from the horror of what just happened. I look up towards the leaves of the tree's, the sunlight reflecting over then, casting a Stained Autumn red Light cover over the area, Tiny specks of golden dust hang in the air, Like little fireflies hovering in the Summer day."Ow!" Yelps a familiar voice. A smile works its way onto my faces." Stop being such a wimp..." i turn my head to see richard awake, and in a lot of pain. Taylor isn't sparing any mercy.

I shake my head, and look up at the sky, It's starting to get darker, The clouds hang in the sky Carelessly. I sigh, and feel my clothes, there damp with the blood that i vomited. I decided we should move on for a bit, and then set a camp, as we finish setting up and i take the Guard duty all night so that my Team mates can rest. Tom and richard are Bickering as always, about who gets to sleep where, Just white noise to me at the moment. The recent battle between The Reaper, made me think about the ANBU. And what scum they were, I spat at the mere thought of there name. My mind flashes back to when i was younger, waiting for a father who hardly ever came back, All because of the anbu. My Mother distraught. The ANBU wrecked our lives. Wrecked everything.

I look down at my hand and notice that i have it clenched. Tsking at the thought of it getting to me, i look up and clouds over head darken my world. Time stops. The leaves turn grey. Everything's in black and white. The world turns silent; I'm making the only noise around me,there's no wind, no movement, except my shivering. The glowing sun stops and becomes ice cold. Everything's dead to me. The steady beat of my heart stops.In my own world. Trying to find some sort of comfort, some sort of haven. But as good as my imagination is. My mind is frozen. Everything's on ice. But then a burning flame starts to burning in my throat, boiling, bubbling up. The world Turns red in my eyes. The tree's Become aflame. The Sun casts down a melting aura Across the land. A Rage fills me, A Rage of hate and vengance.

"Dwayne?" I snap out of phase, but i know it won't be for long. "Dwayne?... Are you ok?" I turn My head towards the voice and its Taylor-chan.
"Yeah...i'm fine..." I replied quietly.
"You seem...Spaced out.."
"I'm Just....Spacing i guess..."
"hmm... anyway, i can take over from here if you want.."
"Nah, it's alright. I'm still awake from the fight" I fake a slight smile, but she doesn't buy it, I know she aint That stupid to buy a story like that.But she doesn't push.

I wake up the next morning leaning against a tree, I must have dozed off. tom and lewis are both packing up the stuff, and Richard is just sat shuffling his deck keeping an eye out. We have to be careful. I look for Taylor and i see she is sat having a fag, i walk over to her, taking out my own fags, and sparking it up. Letting the smoke dance around my hand before taking a drag. I sit in silence thinking of a plan on what to do. "We've gotta go back to the village and warn them about the reaper."
"You're Right...But he Probably has a lead we'll never catch up with.." replied tom.
"We've got to try!" Says Richard.I nod my head in agreement
"Let's get the stuff packed up and lets go." My team all agreed, so we Finished packing up and We set off as fast as we could, The land flying past us all. but Just before we Reached the village

Skimming through the forest. everything a blur past my eyes. Going as fast as i can, we need to get to the village as soon as possible. It's Vital. I Hear a snap behind us, but i don't physically react to it. "Taylor-chan, I think we may have a tracker on our trail." I whisper.
"Dwayne, why didn't you mention this sooner? It could be him again!" She Whispers back angrily.
"I've only just noticed it now,Taylor-chan. No one else seemed to feel it, did they?" I retort back.
"Okay, okay. Everyone stop for a second!Were being followed."
"Shouldn't we carry on if we're being followed?" Says tom.
"Yeah. We need to get to the village!" Carries on richard.
"Richard-kun I know we have to get to the village, but it's no good if it's in body-bags. We need to find the tracker and deal with him immediately." No matter what the situation, Taylor chan was always the sensible one. That's why she is a great asset to our team. A splash From behind up, Like falling water. A water clone? I'm not sure yet. But I know that if it was the user can't be far off. I looked down and around the area we were at, And see all the puddles. My face turns Pure white but it's too late. As five water clones surround the team. Everyone is Shocked, Except Taylor-chan's she seems calm. Could it be that she knew who it is tracking us? "Everyone stay calm, we need to work as a team against this guy if we want to win." She Explained.
"YesTaylor-chan!" We all shouted. each one of us pulls out a kunai, Ready for anything. Richard spinning the kunia round on his finger, ready to throw it with pinpoint accuracy at any time. Then Disaster Struck as a thick Fog Enveloped us all.The Words " Hidden Mist Jutsu" Echoed in my ears."Everyone together!" As we start to move together tom panics.
"Damn where was he speaking from? Now we can't even see who's attacking us!"
"Tom-kun, calm down, we have to think clearly if we want to survive."Taylor says Calmly once again.
"I'm sorry Taylor-chan, not even that is going to save you here." Remarks a cold percing voice. My eyes Just see Taylor-chan Shudder.And we all spin on the spot to faceTaylor. "Shit!" exclaims Lewis.
"Like I said to you all, I will teach you to observe your surroundings" says the cold voice. "Whilst distracted by my arrival, you all took your eye's of my clones, allowing me to do this. Water Release: Hydro Prison!" My face Became horrified with rage. How could we let this happen? How could we be beaten so easily? I Looked Around to my team members, there faces some horrified, Some terrified, but all Beaten. I turned My head to Taylor, He face was contorted in terror and confusion. I felt my blood Boil.
"Listen,Taylor. You are powerful, I will admit that and you could be a useful asset to me. I will spare your life and make the death of your friends quick, if you join me and allow me to train you. What do you say?, Sorry, let me release your prison, it will be difficult to speak for very long in that state."Taylor-chan's Face Turns Even worse.There was no more terror, it was entirely replaced by self-doubt. "Since you're so confused, I will give you time to mull it over in your head." She didn't even attempt to stop the technique again. She Could Do it right now if she wanted to. Why won't she do it? Is this guy really that strong? He's Messing with her head. The a thought hit my head. What if she's going to....Betray us?... i shake the idea far away from my head as i can, But it's still there pestering me.

"Well, while you think about my proposition, I have something else to take care of. Dwayne, I have noticed a sudden increase in your Chakra levels. I'm supposing your Bloodline Limit has activated due to your distress of close friends dying. Especially the one you have the 'strongest' feeling's for." My eyes widened. How did he know about my Blood-Line limit? How could he know about Taylor? "Oh, don't worry, I won't go into any more detail in case I make it awkward. I just need to do one thing. Chakra Absorption Technique!" Outstretching his arms, I could feel my chakra began to flow towards him. My body burnt. It felt like i was on fire. My entire body heating up and Melting from the inside out. I've never felt such pain like this, Was the draining my life? I Hoped not. But what is he going to do with my Blood-line Limit? My eye's started to feel heavy. My muscles weakening. Is this it? Is this how it ends? I find it hard to breathe. My mind flashes back to all the great memories i've had. back when i was a Genin. When life was simple. Life was easy. I hear The sound of the old school windchimes. A small smile reaches across my face. Although i haven't noticed yet. I've fallen to my knee's. As i feel The last bit of chakra leave my body. My eyes shut. Me Wondering if i'll ever see daylight again.

More dreams.... Always the same dream.But this time, its more detailed. Someone dark. Someone dark is coming. The sound Of crackling fire awakes me, i sit up from my bed and look around. The sound of Raven's can be heard in the distance. As i slowly climb out of bed, i wander over to my clothes and put them on. Taking my Equipment with me. I open my door Slowly and cautiously. gazing around my face turns pale as a sheet. The Village is desolate and destroyed. I brandish a kunai Knife, at the ready. Jumping down from my balcony onto the streets below. I listen out for any signs of life. "Hello?" I Shout out in hopes there's someone around. Silence. "Tom? Lewis? Richard?" I shout out. "Taylor?" What if there all... i shake my head in disbelief. No i can't think like that. remember my training. Suddenly I hear the Breaking of glass in the distance. As i run towards the sound, something catches my eye. So i immediately stop deadly still. And glance over towards it. As i walk towards it it becomes clear what it is.

A body. The face. the face makes me shake and my eyes widen in fear. And a Tear comes to my face. I shake my head, then my body starts to shake. i Collapse to my knee's Tears Stream down my face.My head flops down In anger and in Sadness and sorrow. My fist clench my face Screws up, i stand up and spin around on the spot, Punching into a glass pane window, My hands start instantly bleeding. I don't feel the pain.I only feel my anger. And my sorrow. Repeated punching the glass pane, my hands getting worse and worse, it just makes me even madder.A whistling sound makes me jump to my right, spinning around on my heels And bringing my kunia up. As i do a shuriken hits the wall behind me. as i scan the area for my opponent i see One person. A ANBU. My anger Flows out of me like a raging Waterfall, and i sprint towards him.Out of nowhere more shuriken rain down towards me. Somehow in my Furious rage, i dodge all of the Shuriken. And I throw my Kunia to the left of him distracting him. Forming hand signs as fast as i can. I shout out the words "FIRE STYLE: GRAND FLAME JUTSU!" As i do i breathe out my Chakra, creating a giant ball of flame. engulfing the target, Then i throw as many kunia as i can into the ball of fire. the target hits the ground just about lifeless, as it does the Mask falls off. And i go deadly still. It's My dad. I killed him. My Mind is so confused at the moment. So i run. I run as Fast as i can, Past all the buildings. Not looking back, Only forwards towards the forest as i reach the forest and turn around someone hits the floor behind me and it's all over.

My eyelids snap open, and i look around. I'm Alive... The dreams. I remember it. could it be getting closer?.... Out the corner of my eye i see Taylor-Chan.
"Taylor-chan, what happened? Where's Rhys?"
"Calm down Dwayne, he's gone. We have to hurry though. He's got something planned for the village and it's not good. Tom, Richard and Lewis have already gone ahead. Tom and Richard headed to the East gate and Lewis has gone to tell the Hokage."
"Then Let's go! What are we waiting for!" I Jump up and stretch My legs, and arms. And sprint off.Taylor-chan's Soon following me behind. Keeping a good fast pace going we should be there soon.

As we reach the village we are confronted by an Akatsuki member. His Black Cloak Decorated with Red Clouds Scars a image in my mind. his Chakra Alone is evil.
"This guy has the Sharingan and he uses high-level Genjutsu techniques. He could be dangerous." She Informs me.
"What's going on here Taylor-chan?" I enquire.
"I don't know, but it must have something to do with The Reaper." She replies.
"I'm going to make you pay for this!" I exclaim.

There was something about his eyes that disturbed me. Not the fact that he has sharingan. just something else Hidden behind the eyes. Something much worse. I refused to look into the eyes, But it was as if something was calling to me. Whispering in my ear telling me to look.
"So, it seems that the attack hasn't gone unnoticed, this just means I have to kill more people than." The Akatsuki Said Tonelessly.
"I, as an ANBU of this village demand to know what's going on here. Who are you and what are you trying to do?" said Taylor-chan. She's seems a bit nervous. I've never seen her like this before something's on her mind.
"For starters, don't assume that been in ANBU gives you any form of authority in this situation, as it doesn't. Secondly, I am Katsuni of the Akatsuki organization and my plans are none of your business. I'm assuming your Taylor, Rhys has mentioned that you are pretty strong. I will use my Sharingan if that's the case. Do not dissapoint me." Said Katsumi, remain Emotionless and toneless. His Voice strikes me as calm. A bit too calm.
"Akatsuki, the famous criminal organization? What do you want with Konoha?" I question him, Trying to keep the worry out of my voice. I've never faced any Akatsuki before. Im Worried. No I'm beyond worry.
"You must be Dwayne then. Rhys was interested in you also. It looks like I've encountered the strongest from your group as well. Like I said before, my business in Konoha is none of your's." He remarked Simply. All of a sudden Taylor- chan's face changed to realize what it all meant. "Wait! That must mean that Rhys is a member of Akatsuki? It also means that his 'plans' are to destroy Konoha!" She Exclaimed. It all made sense now.
"If you don’t mind i’d rather just get on with this, you’ve wasted enough of my time." He Said still Calm as ever, I don't know what it was but it was something about him. the way he stands, the way he talks. maybe it's Those eyes i don't dare look into. Something's wrong. I don't Know what just something. I swallow quietly. not wanting to show fear. Even the slightest Bit of fear and he would tear me apart. Cheery thoughts Dwayne.
Cheery Thoughts.
Actually Fuck cheery thoughts. I'm gonna die. I'm going to fucking die!

Just then Taylor-chan Speaks and it breaks me out of my Thoughts. "Dwayne. We have to work together to beat this guy. If Rhys is a member of Akatsuki, then this guy could be as strong." Said Taylor-chan. Great Pick up speech.
Nodding my head, i try to steel my nerves.
"You are both mistaken. You see Rhys is one of twenty members in Akatsuki, the most recent to be exact. He is also the weakest. You are also mistaken by thinking that 'team-work' is going to help you." Thoughts Riddle my head 'What?! Rhys is only the weakest, How will we beat him!?' I want to swallow because it feels like my heart's in my throat, but i don't dare incase it shows i'm weak. There's no way we can do this. Come on dwayne. Shake this off. Think of a plan. sharingan user. Means Sight.

I let a slight smile invade my face as i say to Taylor-chan. "Smoke Bomb's!Taylor you know what to do?" She nodded at me in reply, she knew what to do.We Might actually be able to do this. I throw smoke bombs around the enemy Hopefully blinding him. Straight after Taylor-chan Sprints into the smoke with her Katana Brandished. The Sharingan Is a ocular Blood Line Limit. So he should Not be able to use it. I can't see a thing. Maybe i threw to many? What if she can't see?.
"Wind Release: Senbon Rose Petal's" I hear Taylor-chan say. He's done for there isn't a man alive who can withstand the Senbon. I Stared in silence as i saw Taylor Flung from the smoke backwards.She didn't seem injured, Thank god. "This is bad. He's strong." Splutters Taylor.

Rising to her feet, she shouts out "Dwayne, his Sharingan allows him to see your movements just before you make them. We both have to attack him, you know what to do!"
"Fire Release: Phoenix Flower!" I rapidly form the hand signs and send out multiple fire attacks towards Katsumi. Keeping his attention towards me, I could see claire using the Remaining smoke to Attack katsumi from behind.
"Fools, I thought that Konoha Ninja, of all people would know the power of the Sharingan." he Grins Evilly. "Fire Release: Phoenix Flower!" He sent my attacks into oblivion. his attacks are just too strong. His attacks hit me directly and sent my flying backwards, i hit the ground and cough up blood.
"I will kill you all for what you're doing!" Shouts Taylor. I could see Taylor attacking him over and over again Never giving in, Never slowing down. but Katsumi was just too fast, she can't hit him.
"Raging Tornado!"Taylor-chan Screams. as she uses her best attack. unfortunately katsumi saw it coming, and doging it. but i Notice a singe on his cloak. he only just dodged it .
"Your Chakra's spent girl. You put up a valiant fight, but I'm afraid it's over for you. I will end this with the Mangekyo Sharingan to be certain." Said Katsumi smiling slightly. my heart dropped as i saw him getting ready to Kill Taylor. Trying to get up, My whole Body Killing. I Slowly stand up. "You're far too late Dwayne " He smiles.
"I suspect you were about to use Tsukuyomi on her. Why are all Sharingan user's so sadistic?" I hear a voice say and my face lights up. Kakashi Hatake is here.
"And who might you be?" Says katsumi with little Enthusiasm.
"My name is... Kakashi Hatake, sorry i was late. I decided to take the scenic route!"

"Kakashi!!" I smile as I cracking my neck, revigorated at this new ally in the fight.

"Well, this is convenient. My target has came straight to me, I don't have to worry about you using actual Ninja techniques, such as stealth." Says Katsumi.
"You have a sharp tongue to match your eye's. That's also convenient, but I can't play games, I'm here to stop Akatsuki and you are part of Akatsuki, are you not?" Questioned Kakashi.
"Well, there's no point in hiding it when you obviously know the answer, is there? Yes I'm Katsuni of the Akatsuki criminal organisation and as you already know, I'm here to destroy Konoha. This begs the question, what are you doing here?"
"Your a smart guy, you should already know that Rhys Barratt has betrayed both sides, Konoha and Akatsuki. That begs the question, why didn't you kill him, or at least tell your superior's?"
"I didn't tell them as they already suspected foul-play. We have been weary of him from the beginning, he is too dangerous for his own good. We couldn't just dispose of someone so powerful without knowing for certain, that's why we let him take charge of such a mission."
"It seems Akatsuki is still full of internal conflict then, nothing's changed."
"Oh, Kakashi you are wrong. So many things have changed, things that will not be revealed here."
"Have it your way, I'm still going to stop you. Konoha will not fall to Akatsuki, we never have and we never will.Taylor-Chan, I know you are stood behind me and I know that you want to help, but I must ask you and Dwayne to warn Tsunade instead."
"But, Kakashi-Sensei I can help, me and Dwayne can back you up." Insisted Taylor.
"I know that you can Tailor, but Rhys is planning to kill Tsunade and Akatsuki are planning on destroying Konoha. It's more important for you to warn Tsunade, don't worry, I will handle him. Don't worry about your friends either, they are in safe hands."
"Okay Kakashi-Sensei, I will warn Tsunade." replies Taylor. With that,Taylor helps me, and we jump to the nearest roof to heal our wounds. or rather For Her to heal them. Then we set off to Lady Tsunade. Hopefully we're not too late.

A general thought seemed to enter my mind as we were Running to the Hokage's building. The Fact that we're always running. It strange what you think of when there's no conversation. I look around, we're about halfway there now, I glance over at Taylor-chan. And remember the look she had when Rhys, was close to her. I shake my head and rid myself of such thoughts. Or i try to. With the hokage's building in sight. I take out a threaded kunia. And prepare myself.Taylor-chan, Places a hand on her katana. getting Close now, And i hear distant Cries of pain. Wait. " THATS LEWIS!" i Shout. And I speed up to help. Coming into sight of lewis, He's passed out on the floor, Rage builds up inside me.And I see a Akatsuki standing over him. Forgetting about a plan i throw my kunia. No Introductions.The thread Zips past him and i throw another one, tying the thread around him. " Fire Style: Grand Flame Jutsu!" I Scream, As the flame Zips down the Thread, This is it for him. I smile in victory. but it's too soon, not long after the fire starts off he breaks free of the thread. And the Fire scatters around him. He Didn't even Flinch. NO!.

I jump up and bring my heel down, He easily parried it and throws his own punch, sending me backwards into Taylor. We Both Slide across the ground. My anger Raises and i get up off Taylor and race toward him again, This time Taylor by my side, She Disappears behind Daichi and i attack from the front, Throwing some smoke bombs. i try to sweep kick him while Taylor Swings head height. He jumps and ducks at the same time! "ARGHH!" I yell out, At this point he Grabs Taylor's hand and throws her into me this time we go into a glass pane window. Getting up again. Refusing to give up. Refusing to back down. I jump out of the window, As i do Daichi throws a shuriken towards us effortlessly. Its flying towards me and i freeze up. Just then a Playing card flies downwards and hits the shuriken sending off course. Richard and tom soon follow "Come on admit it" Richard starts. " You've Missed us" Finishes tom. I smile at the pair, there battered and bruised, but still fighting fit.

Richard draws out his butterfly knife and runs towards Daichi, tom follow's beside. Drawing out his chain, richard attacks first, Moving the Butterfly knife with such speed and precision he swings towards Daichi but he simply dodges it, he didn't even step back. At this point tom throws his kunai chain towards Daichi, But Daichi grabs the kunia and pulls tom towards him , punching him in the stomach and throwing him backwards then wraps richard up in the chain, and slowly strangles him until he passes out. I stand there watching my team Getting Defeated. Frozen on the spot like a deer in headlights."Taylor-Chan Help Lewis!" My rage builds up again and i run towards Daichi he throws the chain at my feet wrapping it around them, and yanks on them making me go backwards,colliding with the ground with a solid thud. Pouncing on my, pinning me down, he Repeatedly punched my stomach, Staying away from vital spots. The Pain is Immense. I cough out blood after the 15th punch And start to feel faint. noticing this he leaves me alone and goes over to the half conscious tom, picking him up and slamming him against the wall. i can see him repeatedly headbutting him, Nearly knocking him fully unconscious. I noticed Taylor-chan has fully healed Lewis. Making sure he was ok. " Is this it?" Daichi Question. "Konoha's finest? A bunch of bruised and broken warriors?" I cough up some more blood trying to stand up, but failing. I think he's caused internal bleeding. I look at richard Still passed out on the floor, Then at tom, his eyes half open half closed, his Head going purple And Swollen. I stand up slowly getting ready for anything."Please the most challenge i've got out of anyone is that guy there" Daichi points towards lewis. "And i mean Look at him! He's a fat Bast..."
"Don't You dare. Insult my friends." I interrupt. as i steady myself i run towards him as fast as my body will take me, All of a sudden a figure appears in front of me facing towards Daichi and away from me. " Stop. You're no match for him." The bright orange Jumpsuit. Hair like the Fourth. " I wondered when you were going to show up..." Daichi Smiled.
" Dwayne, Take your team and go. go Find tsunade."
"No, i'm going to help!"
"That's a order!" The Jumpsuited guy retorts. After a bit of Arguing i crawl over to tom and richard, Lewis picks up tom and Taylor picks up richard.And we Jump to the nearest roof, Or rather I clamber up and lewis and Taylor jump on, Although Lewis does come back and help me up. " Well done, lewis. You seemed to hold him off better then all of us. you did good." i smile at him, then wince, This pain is unbearable.Taylor gets to work on healing us all. I let her deal with Tom and richard before me,When she comes onto me she looks Optimistic. "how bad's it doc?" I joke around, She rolls her eyes and sighs. then gets to work. Once she's finished we work out a plan.
"Ok, So we need to find tsunade." I say
"She'll Probably be in her office" replied Taylor
"yeah thats true, shes always in there" Says Richard
"She's also Always drinking..." Jokes Tom
"Not the time tom." I retort
"Sorry" Apologizes tom.
"anyway,Taylor you tom and lewis and richard go and find tsunade i'm going to keep an eye on jumpsuit."
"No buts. now go!" I watch as they disappear finding another way into the building. as i turn round to the Jumpsuit and Daichi I ready for a battle for the ages.

I watch the two Elite Ninja's facing each other in awe, There summing each other up Circling, waiting for the other to attack, or looking for a weakness. Naruto Uzumaki a Genin Still. Never Passed as a Jounin. But don't let that fool you. He's in Line to become hokage, or so he hopes. but the other ninja Daich, All i know about him is that he's very strong. and he uses Earth and sand ninjutsu. "Shadow clone jutsu!" Says Naruto Creating 5 shadow clones they all surround him, each shadow clone throws a smoke bomb at their feet, then jumps out at Daiichi landing on him, and holding onto him. He laughs "Is this the best you've got?" Naruto smiles as the clones transform back into explosive kunai. Daichi face drops as the kunia explode. I lose sight of him for a while in smoke, looking around to see where he is. I can't find him.

"ooo that tickled..." he Grin evilly. " now it's my turn, Earth style: Mud Bombs!" He Exclaims as he fires Several mud bombs at naruto. Naruto thinks fast and Runs around Daichi to dodge the mud bombs, he then creates another 4 clones and kicks his legs from underneath him, then one of the clones kick him upwards, then another then another "U-Zu-Ma-Ki Barrage!" he Says as he brings his foot down on Daichi stomach sending him down to the ground. Daichi Coughs as he hits the floor, but he grabs naruto's foot and slams him down with him. I notice toms chain Tied round his waist, I need to get it back for him. I dive in towards Daichi to grab the chain, as i do he brings his knee up and hits me in the eye. Giving me a instant black cut eye. But i got the chain, Smiling i jump back off onto the roof . And i look around the village, Everything's Destroyed. People are fighting. people are dying, some are dead. Some are close to death.i sigh in contempt.

A Smash of glass behind me alerts me and i dive to my left, turning and holding out my kunia. I peer into the Empty Doorway. Sounds of punches and Ninjutsu can be heard from behind me. "Fire style: Phoenix flower jutsu" I say as i fire Spitballs of flame into the empty doorway to just make sure. i turn back to the fight to see that they have moved from where they were fighting, I look around and i see them on the hokage Faces, Sparks can be seen from even here. Somethings happened. Daichi and naruto There Close together. My eye's widen as i see the two figures falling from the hokage statues. if they fall from that height they'll surely die!

Rushing towards the hokage,I start to think of the ANBU and what trouble it's caused. or mainly just rhys.Ha. ANBU. Special Assassination and Tactical Squad. I spit at the thought of them. Or most of them anyone.Theres always two that i will never hate.My Dad.And... My mind drifts back to When i was younger.

I'd just started Ninja school, and i came home and once again my dad wasn't back. There used to be times when we wouldn't hear from him for weeks on end. I smile at the memory of my dad. Before he.... He was a nice man, Long blonde hair, my mum said i have his eyes. I used to laugh at the thought and reply back with childish answers like " But I have my own eyes, Not daddy's mum don't be silly ". One moment Flashes into my mind, when my dad Came back from a mission covered in blood, whether it was his own, or his enemy i'll never know, he had scars everywhere. My mum was furious at him, I couldn't take much of it.I would always go onto the roof whenever they fought. But this night, my dad Came up to see me, Still wearing his ANBU Uniform. He'd smile at me and ask me how school was, I'd say i loved it, Except the teacher Mr. heart, I used to call him Mr. Fart, i shake my head at the thought of the silly names. we sat on the roof for hours just talking and laughing. Smiling at old jokes that never got old. After the night passed and the sunrise came, My dad turned to me and said
"yes daddy?" I replied
"You know i love you right?"
"Of course i do daddy" i smiled back
"Good, and No matter what happens, I'm always with you right?"
" yeah i know daddy" still smiling completely oblivious of what was to come
"good" He said. "Cause daddy's got to go on a mission, and he might be Away for some time"
"How long daddy?"
"I don't know son.."
"Hey daddy, i love you too" i smiled at him, If only i'd noticed his eyes then. his eyes told A different story.

I went to ninja school, met with my mates Richard tom, lewis and Taylor, We'd all be talking about where we've been, What we've been doing, And playing hide and seek. When i got back home he was gone, and he left me this ring on a thread. I wore it all the time, but i lost it after about 2 and a half weeks. Then comes the third week, then the forth, then finally on the fifth week. There's a knock on my door "Daddy!" I exclaimed and i ran to the door, Stood there was a Guy, All dressed up. But it wasn't my dad. I was too young to understand at the time.
My mum shouted "Who is it?"
" I don't know Mummy" I replied. She came to the door and as soon as she saw who it was, she started to cry silently. As i grew old i was told the truth about what happened. My dad was on a mission, and he knew it was a dangerous one. That's why he sat with me that night. He was K.I.A. My mum didn't stop crying for over 3 months, and she was silent for the rest of the year. After that she left, and never returned. From then on i grew a hatred for the ANBU. every year i would go up to the hokage faces and just sit on the heads, thinking. One year this guy came upto me, asked me what i was doing. And i replied " Getting ahead in life." He chuckled at my crewd joke. i turned towards the guy, he was as pale as a sheet of paper, and had strange purple marking around his eyes. And his eyes. they were like snake eyes. I never asked his name. But he sat with me. In silence while i Mourned The lost of my father.

I snap back to reality when i see someone pass me, he had a pale white face and purple markings near his eyes. For a second i think it's the same guy, but i shake my head at the fact, he would be dead by now. For a while i mulled over my father i realized i've been crying this whole time. I shake my head again and wipe my tears. Stupid dwayne I say to myself. This isn't the right time to be crying.... I carry on towards Tsunade always thinking about that night.

I can tell i'm catching up with my team,there not that far off, i can sense their chakra. I should catch up to them if i keep this pace up within 5- 10 minutes. My mind flashes back again to when i was younger just after i became a gennin. I went to the K.I.A shrine to show my dad i've done it. i've become a ninja. after about half an hour there The pale face guy showed up again "hello there" He smiled at me. Being polite i said " hey" and smiled back. I'm sorry about your Father. He was a great ninja, A lot of potential in him. I turn around to face the guy "did you know him or something?" I question him. " You could say that." we go silent for a bit then he break the silence "Listen, How about we go for a walk? Then i could tell you more about your father and how i knew him." I Thought about the offer for a bit and decided i wanted to know more. "alright then" I said to him, i stood up and we started to walk, just before we got into the forest,Taylor-chan Shouts for me " Dwayne-kun? Where are you?"
" Over here!" I shout back.Taylor-chan comes running up to me "Come on we're going to be late!"
"Don't say you forgot?"
"Of course you forgot...It's you!" she smiles.
"Ehe" I smile back and rub the back of my neck.
"The festival? It's a tradition Everyone's waiting for you, come on!" She said taking my by the arm and dragging me away. I shout back to the pale faced guy " Maybe Another time yeah?"
"Of course" He smiles and bows. "Until then"

I flash Back to real Life as I'm jumping i didn't realize a clothes line hanging up, and i hit it , and Took myself out. I fly through the air doing around about 3 backflips before landing on my head. "Ow...." I rub my head "What a stupid place to put a clothes line..." I get up and start running, keeping a hold of my head . I'm about 3 mins away now.

As i'm running I get a vision, the Hokage's room, there's two dead guards. The hokage's in trouble! Which means! "MY TEAM!" I pick up the pace and start to sprint to the Hokage's Building, running as fast as i can, jumping up and over anything that came in the way. I just hope i can get there in time.

After 2 mins i catch up with my team and slowly down to their pace, And i tell them the news " the hokage's in Trouble, Outside her office are two dead guards."
"Rhys?" Taylor Questions.
"I'm not sure. but there is someone there."
"Then we'd Better hurry up!" says tom. so we pick up the pace and reach the hokage's building, as we past all the dead guards, each one brutally murdered. As we start to run up the stairs i stop the team. "Wait." I hold my hand up and turn around " Tom here." I give him his chain back. "I knew you'd kill me if i didn't get it."
"Damn right i would!" replies tom
" Right, everyone ready?" I look around my team as the get the weapons ready, Clair unsheathing her sword, Richard shuffling his deck of cards, tom tieing his chain round his arm, and lewis Cracking his knuckles. i nod and pull out some smoke bombs.
"let's go" I whisper. as we run through the doors, there are seven water clones waiting by the door. Crap i need to turn back! It's too late! They've seen me! Fuck it! i throw the smoke bombs at their feet and we start to attack.

We already have an Unspoken plan, Tom and richard against to, Lewis against two, And me and Taylor against three.

Richard and tom Dive straight into battle, using the smoke bombs at distractions, tom throws one on his chain to Richard and richard stabs it to a wall with his Butterfly knife then ducks, As tom spins it round one of the clones, and then pulls on the chain, tearing the water clone apart, He Smiles Arrogantly. he should have payed attention to the clone on the left of him, Fortunately for him richard through a card with a Bomb Seal on it,Tom dives out of the way of the card and its blast radius,and stands next to richard, the clone has a hole in the side of its chest. the watch in Annoyance as it starts to heal itself. And So does the other clone. There going to need something stronger, So richard, pulls out his entire deck and starts to charge for his most powerful attack, and tom distracts the clones using Taijutsu, his Chain Wrapped around his hand, keeping the clones at bay, Richard Shouts to tom "Now!" Tom Throws his chain against the wall and it rebounds off the wall and wraps around both of the clones, Then he Pulls tightly against the chain pinning them together, Throwing the Kunai into the wall threw a loop in the chains he left, he pins them against the outside wall. Richard Throws each card at certain points on there body and they stick to them. 64 cards to be exact. After a few hand signs he signals to tom to jump back and he does, as the cards Shine with chakra, and stop the flow of their chakra, causing the clones to dissipate.

After pacing Them, Lewis decides to end this quickly. He Needs to save his chakra. running towards them he swings his leg around " Leaf Whirlwind!" Sweep Kicking both clones, then he grabs them by the feet and throw them out the door and down to the ground, Running then jumping over the stairs and downwards about 20ft to them, he brings his fist down on their stomachs, making them Go back to puddles. As he's happy with what he's done he turns around and starts walking back until a noise from behind Hits his ears. he turns around and See's the clones replacing them selves together. He sighs and walks back towards them, That's it. he thinks to himself. As the clones as fully Pieced back he grabs them by the throats, enough to make them weak and unable to move he jumps to the top of the hospital and then jumps up in the air as high as he can, grabbing them both by the waist, he turns them upside down and puts their heads near his feet, Bringing them down on their heads with such a tremendous force, the ground shakes and a loud Bang is Heard from inside.

Me and Taylor are watching the three clones with our Weapons drawn, the smoke has cleared up now. we watch carefully and intently and i start to think. Why haven't they attacked us yet. they could beat us easily they outnumber us by two. I turn to Taylor and she nods. So we attack. i throw my kunai at them, and it misses them and hits the door behind them.Taylor paces towards them with her sword, Richard tom and lewis all behind us we pace forward slowly then i hold my hand up and pull on a tiny thread that was attached to a piece of paper on the kunia setting off the paper bomb, smiling the paper bomb goes off completely destroying the Hokage's office door and the two clones, as the smoke clears we see (TOBECONTINUED.)
A Ninja's Daily Life.-Part 2-
So! Here's the second chapter for your guys, I hope you enjoy ^^             
The alarm goes off once again for another day to begin; I slam my hand down on the alarm, regretting I even moved. I moan as I get out of bed, and into my clothes, a bright white t-shirt, and some black trousers, that dangle just below my ankles, the cloth almost touching the floor, as I go over to the mirror, I shake my bright blonde hair.

I yawn as I stretch myself out, and  shuffle to the bathroom, as I start to clean my teeth, I notice on the calendar the date 19th January, as I'm brushing away, I try to remember what I've forgotten on the 19th. I finish brushing my teeth, and swish some water around my mouth, rubbing my eyes and splash some water on my face, drying off my face I grin at myself in the mirror. As the sun hits my eyes, it makes them sparkle an ocean blue. I head to the kitchen and turn on the kettle as I pass and head to the cupboard pulling out some Instant Ramen. I fill up the pot three quarters full, and take it with my outside, walking while waiting for it to cool, as I walk outside the sun hits me straight away, warming my body up instantly, like a welcoming friend. I embrace the sun's heat. I start walking to class, then it hits me. "Final exams!" I exclaim as I start to sprint towards my classroom. I'm running down the hallway, as I hear our teacher Mr. Heart calling out our names.
"Adamara Cytoki?" Mr. Heart calls out
"Yes Sir" Comes back the usual reply.
"Dwayne Gray?" Mr. Heart calls out again. "Dwayne?" He looks around the room for me, A loud bang followed by some crashes can be heard from outside the classroom. "What is earth is going on?!" he Exclaims. I push the door open slowly "Yes sir." I say groggily while I'm on the floor and soaking wet. The class erupts into laughter as Mr. Heart falls to the floor from the water dripping off me. He clambers up slowly and goes to his desk, "Take your seat Dwayne." I walk over to my seat, trying not to laugh "As you all know, it is the final exams today, and as per usual, we will be doing it on a transformation jutsu, and clone jutsu so line up!"  Everyone lines up in front of him. One by one, we all take our turns to do a clone jutsu, then a transformation jutsu, as I do my eyes glance across out the window at a messenger bird flies past. I blank it. Later that day I get my Ninja head band, and wear it proudly on my head and go to the top of the hospital "I'm finally a ninja"
"HEY DWAYNE- KUN!" Someone shouts from down below, I turn around to find it's my friend Taylor Burke ,Taylor is average height, with Brown/Reddish hair, she past her Ninja finals at the same time as me so were about the same skill wise, But Like the 5th, she has one hell of a right hook, safe to say if that hits you it's gonna hurt, to add to this she is one of my best friends. I jump down of the water tank, and land on the ground
"Hey, what's up ?"
"I just wanted to congratulate you on passing your NF's"
"Oh Thanks" I say as I grin widely "I know my transformation was quite cool"
"Yeah that’s the word I was going to use" She said with sarcasm
"Anyway I'm off, Gotta meet up with my team"
"Alright see ya"

As I walk back home, the sun starts to set and rain envelops Konoha, I reach my door, and it's already unlocked, as I walk in I pull out a kunai, defensively.

As I turn the corner, I jump back as I see Rhys Barratt, an Anbu Operative, Trained to gather info, and if necessary to kill quickly without noticed, wearing a black coat, trailing down to his feet, with a mask on the side of his face.
"You took your time" He says with no emotion.
"Didn't Know I was on a schedule" I say back smugly "I wish you wouldn't do that to me, you scare the living hell outta me, you know that right?" He stares at me, with no emotion in his eyes,
"You're a ninja now, not a child. You should know better"
"What do you want anyway? If you're here to ask me to join the Anbu, then forget it."
"It would be a perfect position for you, you know that?"
"I'm not doing it"
"No I'm done listening; I'm not joining the Anbu, end of. Now if you don't mind, out of my house"
"As you wish" He forms a hand sign and disappears.
"Shadow clone" I think to myself, The rain subsides outside, and the sun shines through my window. I jump and lay on my back on the sofa, the sun warming me up already. The soft harmony of the Birds, around the village echoing throughout my ears. I put my hands behind my head, relaxing as I fall into a deep slumber. My dreams disturbed. Past the forest of no return, there are many golden mountain tops, capped with glistening white snow. If you continue past these mountains there lies a most beautiful sight, as there is an oasis in the centre of these god like mountains where the Tree's are a Autumn red and shine in the sunlight like little drops of scarlet blood. Then an explosion. A bright light Envelops the land. The mountains destroyed, the trees burning, its amber glow flowing through the sky. Bodies everywhere... Another bang. I turn and just before I see what made the noise. I awake from my sleep.  I get up groggily, wearily. Sweating from the dream, as I go over to the fridge and get some milk, drinking it straight from the bottle. I try to remember what I saw. But the more I try, the less I could remember. I quickly blank the dream dna forget about it. Going into the shower, the water beating heavily against my head. The water drips off my body onto the tile floor. And down the drain, washing away my fears or worries. I think to myself, this is the best thing about a shower, and it's like something protective, something warm giving you a hug. Protecting you. I get out of the shower, and dry my hair, with a towel wrapped round me I walk back through the hall into my bedroom. And Stick some music on. As I dry my hair I slowly nod to the Rocking tunes of The Hives.
"Troy green....BOOM!" I yell out as I dance around my room, as I get dried. Running out onto the balcony Air guitar-ing. Screams of shock, come from across the street. As my elderly neighbour spots me. I wonder what she's screaming at when I notice that my towel has fallen down. “SORRY!” I shout to the neighbours as I run back inside and get dressed, as I’m getting dressed my phone rings.

I slide across the laminate Flooring, Pretending to rock out on a guitar, and I pick up my phone, Flipping the Phone up and Answer. "Yello?"
"Is this Dwayne?" The Voice says Tonelessly.
"Yes, Who is this?" I reply. The phone clicks and a solid tone can be heard through the speaker. I pause for a while. “Who the fu-...” I spend the rest of the night thinking about the voice wondering where i've Heard it from before. After a while I shrug it off. And go out with a few friends to the Festival.

First I met up with Tom Collins. The joker Of the Group, but he can track anyone and anything, Which makes him a valuable asset to the team. He’s also a slight ladies man, or likes to think so. He wears a leather jacket, and some torn down jeans,his hair Always spiked perfectly. Also he always carries a metal spike chain with a kunai attached to the end ,Around with him.He Believes that 'The Chain is merely an extension of oneself'. Whatever the hell that means.

The next person I met up with is Richard Patchett. The trickster of the group. He's sly, quick, quiet. He was the true personification of what a Ninja was to be like. Only he used to abuse his ability. He was nothing more then a common thief when he was younger. But now, He's our friend, our ally and we keep him on the right track. He wears black trousers all the way down to his ankles, and a grey jacket with a hood on, most of the time the hoods up and the jackets undone. And around his neck he has a Neck-chief, Which is mostly up as well. Showing only his Cold Piercing Eyes. His weapon of choice is the Butterfly Knife. He  believes that if your opponent sees you first you’ve lost all chance of winning the fight.

The Next person we met up with is Taylor Burke. Her Bright red Hair standing out more then Anything. Even though she looks Sweet and Innocent She is the Strongest out of all of us. She seems to change her clothes more than anything. but tonight she's wearing a Mesh Top with a small Green Over jacket and Long Black Trousers, With Knee-cap High Heel boots, with the top Toes Part missing. Her prefered Weapon of choice is a Kanata.

The last person we met up with is Lewis Wickham. The thing that stands out about Lewis the most is how big he is. He's over 6'4 ft high and he's built like a bull. He's the quieter one of the group. But he can make himself heard when he wants to be. His attire would always be a big crimson red jacket, With a black T-shirt underneath. And long black trousers. With no shoes and his hair hangs slightly over his face.His weapon of choice is his fist. he believes there is no greater weapons than the human body itself. Oh yeah and i almost forgot to mention. He Loves his food. Seriously. He LOVES his food. Which kind of makes sense considering the size of him

We arrive at the festival all smiles. The festival is humming with people and excitement. The band In the middle play classic music. The night sky is warm and clear with the stars and the moon Gazing down as if they were protecting the night. Making sure nothing could go wrong. Around the edges stalls full of games to play and things to buy. Most of them looked easy for us to do. But unfortunately we weren't allowed to use ninjutsu, So that kind of halted us from getting most of the prizes but it was a good laugh, even when Richard and Tom nearly got us thrown out because of their scamming of people. Oh well. What can you do? As the night went on more and more people came to the festival. By this time it was hard to move around. So we all decided to skip the calamity and jump up onto some nearby buildings. Watching everything go past. All of us with our prizes from the night. Happy with what we done. Decided to head home. Life was good. And we wanted to keep it that way. But that all changed in the next coming weeks. Something dark. Something dark is coming.

The sound of crackling fire awakes me, i sit up from my bed and look around. The sound of raven's can be heard in the distance. As i slowly climb out of bed, i wander over to my clothes and put them on. Taking my Equipment with me. I open my door slowly and cautiously. gazing around my face turns pale. The village is desolate and destroyed. I brandish a kunai knife, at the ready. Jumping down from my balcony onto the streets below. I listen out for any signs of life. "Hello?" I shout out in hopes there's someone around. Silence.

Suddenly I hear the Breaking of glass in the distance. As i run towards the sound, something catches my eye. So i immediately stop deadly still. And glance over towards it. As i walk towards it it becomes clear what it is.A body. The face. the face makes me shake and my eyes widen in fear. A whistling sound makes me jump to my right, spinning around on my heels And bringing my kunia up. as i do a shuriken hits the wall behind me. as i scan the area for my opponent i see nothing.Out of nowhere more shuriken rain down towards me. So i run. Past all the buildings. Not looking back, Only forwards towards the forest as i reach the forest and turn around someone hits the floor behind me and it's all over.

I jolt upwards on my sofa, Rubbing  the back of my head slowly thinking about what just happened. The dream Disturbs me. For i feel i've seen it somewhere before.My Phone Rings again. As my hand slams down to pick it up. It stops ringing. I flip the phone open And look at the number "Unknown..." I said As if saying out loud might help me figure out who it was that was calling me. As I shrug off the phone call and go back to the dream i get up and start getting ready, And i take my equipment with me and walk out of the door locking it behind me. As i'm walking, I start to remember the dream i had a couple of nights ago. Then Other things. i walk silently to the K.I.A graveyard. I then Kneel Down and pay my respects. Sitting, Thinking. After a while i stand up and and walk away into the forest. Training goes slowly. Too much on my mind. After only a hour of training i decide to go for some ramen. As i reach the inner of the Village The noise gets louder and more cheerful. But to me. it's just noise. Nothing important. My Mind flashes back to the ANBU and there offer. While I'm Tossing up the Pro's and Con's A Familiar face comes into the Ramen Shop.
" Hey Dwayne-kun" My head turns towards the voice and i smile.
"Hey Inoue-chan" I reply To her. She was wearing her usual Clothes. A Bright Blue jacket zipped up, and Long blood red trousers.
"What's Eatin ya?" She smiles.
"Well Nothing hopefully. I should be eating the ramen" I joke back. We both laugh at the joke. And After a while I finish my ramen and make a excuse for leaving.Smiling widely as i leave i run up to the Hokage's Building and look for a mission for the team.

As i burst through the door i'm smiling widely at the Hokage.
" I was Expecting you some time soon" She Said with a smile.
"Give me the dangerous mission you've gotta hokage!" I say to her excitedly.
"Well lets see..We have a A ranked Mission. To Deliver a message to The land of Earth. This mission is very important. And also quite dangerous" She sighs.
"I'll Take it! " I reply back with excitement.
"Very well..." She signs the mission to my team.
"There is one more thing i would like to talk to you about..."
"Can't Talk Hokage Gotta go! " on that note i Shoot through the door running towards each my team Members house, Grinning like a madman.
A Ninja's Daily Life.
A bit of Naruto Fanfiction prose for you guys. I worked on this story a few years back now, so i do apologise for any grammar or spelling mistakes you notice, i did try and touch it up a bit. I've got another 7 odd chapters to proof read after this one as well.

Either way

So! You wanted a story, and not just any story of course, you wanted a fantastic story. A story that will entice your mind, create disillusions of fantasy, and horror. (“aha…”) Horror, not one of my most used genre’s. But certainly my favourite. It’s the type where i can truly express my mind, it's in theses moments that i can delve into the darkness and show you where demons lurk, and hero’s fall.. You wanted a creepy story, well.. Ask and thou shalt receive.

Did you know, You have over 40,000 different nerve endings in your eye, each of these endings are working at unimaginable speeds to calculate and process thousands of pieces of information everyday. All this information gets pushed to the back of the mind. Catalogued and organized.  This is all well and good, if we could use it. (“aha...tick…”)Unfortunately our brains don’t recall all of this information, some of it is lost, and some of it just plain vanishes. Of course, that begs the question:

What if we’ve seen something, that the eye can’t process? Or perhaps even what happens to it?

(“aha...Tick, tock.”)

Have you ever sat down, or gone into a room or just plain looked around. Then your eyes start getting sore, and you have the urge to blink. Of course it’s a natural re-action to your eyes drying out. But, then you see it. Most of the time it's in the corner of your eye, that little jumping shadow that follows you about. Everywhere you go, it dances and skips its way around you, always near, but never in sight. (“Tick...Tock,Tick...Tock..”)

Would you like to know what that shadow is? Are you sure? You can never unsee it, And once it knows it’s been seen, There's no hiding from it. There’s no escaping it. It’s only a matter of counting down the time until it sees you. “tick...Tock….Tick...Tock”

Of course, this is all wild speculation. Just a thesis of a man gone mad, Perhaps madness is just that which we call, when someone loses sight of reality because of this mysterious thing.

Next time you’re on your on your own and its night. And you get this feeling of being watched, turn off your lights and look into the corner of your eyes. Do be warned, if it knows you’ve seen it, it will come for you/ And cause you unimaginable physical and mental pain.


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